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High-quality protocols are the cornerstone for the success of clinical research. It determines the scientific soundness and feasibility of the research, the risk to the subjects, the delivery of the project, and the credibility of the conclusions.

Clinical research involves multiple disciplines and fields beyond clinical medicine, such as epidemiology, statistics, data management, project management, and ethics. Top-notch innovative clinical research requires multidisciplinary cooperation.

The PUCRI has a strong team in project design and protocol development for clinical research, a team led by renowned experts in the field and composed mainly of outstanding overseas returnees right at their prime years. It has extensive experience in working with clinicians as well as major pharmaceutical/medical device companies. Apart from the full-time faculty, the PUCRI has 11 adjunct professors, 17 visiting professors, and 1 honorary professor, many of whom are foreign experts. This creates a synergy at three levels (the PUCRI, the PKU and beyond), among multiple disciplines, and between domestic and international peers, which is capable of strong technical support in project design and protocol development.

Over the last 12 years, the PUCRI has contributed clinical research design and protocol to 6 international cooperation projects, 12 national major research and development projects, and 40 other projects. Nearly a score of these projects have published their protocols in SCI journals such as The American Journal of Cardiology and BMJ Open.