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[Platform Description]
In recent years, the Joint Institute for Translational and Clinical Research (JI) has partnered with the University of Michigan Medical School, King's College London, and Ulm University in carrying out over 40 joint projects in translational medicine and clinical research.

The PUCRI provides technical support to clinical research projects at the JI. Such support includes—
1.    Quality control, in the form of monitoring or audit, for projects conducted in China (serving 11 projects in 2016-2019);
2.    Technical support and consultation in data capture and management, regular meetings with foreign counterparts on data management, and development of data submission standards and verification of electronic database before completion of projects on the Chinese part (serving 4 projects in 2016-2019);
3.    Involvement in decision making as member of the JI office for project management;
4.    Design and coordination of the JI electronic system for project management; and
5.    Assistance to project training and participation in initiation meeting.