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Brain Function Monitoring and Neuromodulation Center

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    The Brain Function Monitoring and Neuromodulation Center (BFMNC) is an affiliation to the PUCRI. With the Center for Neurological Diseases at the Peking University International Hospital serving as its site for clinical research, the BFMNC works with hospitals of the Peking University, local district, other provinces, and international partners, and carries out clinical research in the fields of epilepsy, brain function monitoring, and neuromodulation.

    The BFMNC is committed to making headway on six fronts:
­    Establishing a national training site for clinical neuroelectrophysiology and neuromodulation;
­    Creating a registry platform and database for female epilepsy patients of gestational age;
­    Setting up a research platform for brain development and epilepsy development;
­    Putting in place a research platform for the neurophysiological mechanism of brain degenerative diseases;
­    Strengthening interdisciplinary research within and beyond the campus, and conducting research in translational medicine; and
­    Launching centers for domestic and international exchange in clinical neuroelectrophysiology and neuromodulation, and spurring academic partnerships with countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.