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Platform Info
[Platform Description]
Medidata Solutions (www.mdsol.com) is a leading global provider of hosted clinical development solutions that helps its clients maximize the value of their R&D investments. Its clients include companies of biopharmaceuticals and medical devices, academic institutions, contract research organizations (CROs), government agencies, and other organizations. Its products and services enable its clients to obtain clinical results more economically and efficiently through improved design, planning and management of the key processes in clinical development. (Visit www.mdsol.com to learn more about Medidata.)
To promote its technical expertise in clinical research in China, Medidata Solutions partnered with the Peking University Health Science Center (PKUHSC) and established the PUCRI-Medidata Clinical Research Technology Center (also known as Medidata Center). The Medidata Center has brought to Chinese researchers advanced technology and best practices for efficient capture, management, and reporting of clinical data. In addition, the Medidata Center has hosted lecture series at the PKUHSC for students, faculty members and clinical research personnel, featuring key figures from the academia and the industry, with topics that are key to clinical research.

[Core Functions]
1.    Managing and promoting cooperation between the PUCRI and Medidata Solutions
­    Signing, implementation and revision of agreements
­    Running of joint research projects
2.    Improving management of clinical research data at the Peking University
­    Introduction of iMedidata, Rave, Balance and other Medidata software
­    Standardized training on their application
3.    Producing data management specialists for clinical researches
­    Lecture series on electronic data capture
4.    Providing high-quality technical services in clinical research data management
­    Use of iMedidata, Rave, Balance and other Medidata software
­    Service availability to the Peking University, research institutions and the industry