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In project management, the PUCRI boasts a team with mostly doctor’s or master’s degrees in medicine or pharmacy, a system that features specialized team, dedicated platform, and project-specific approach, and outstanding academic strengths in clinical research.

It is capable of managing both academic and commercial clinical research projects in cardiovascular disease, tumor, liver disease, kidney disease, anesthesia, and respiratory disease.

It also serves as the office for quality management under the PKU Human Research Protection Program (HRPP).

For its rich experience in the management of academic clinical research projects, the PUCRI has been recognized by the Municipal Health Commissions of Beijing and Shenzhen as Quality Improvement Center for Clinical Researches. It has provided technical support and training to the three-tiered quality control system (as part of a Capital Health Research and Development Project) in Beijing and to multiple clinical research projects in Shenzhen. It has taken the lead in project audit in these endeavors.