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Department for Biostatistics provides biostatistical service packages to clinical research in the phases of its design and analysis, and offers consultation and technical support to major clinical trials through independent data monitoring committees.

Equipped with leading biostatistical software such as SAS and JMP Clinical and a rigorously implemented standard operating procedure (SOP), the department has undertaken 7 National Science and Technology Major Projects in the 11th to 13th Five-Year Plan periods, and contributed statistical consultation and analytical services to over 600 sponsor-initiated clinical trials for new drugs or medical devices. One of its projects, the MISPS-TCM study (Myocardial Infarction Secondary Prevention Study in Traditional Chinese Medicine), received second prize in the State Science and Technology Progress Award and first prize in the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Progress Award. Over the last five years, the department has contributed to the publication of 54 articles in SCI journals, including clinical trials appearing in NEJM, The Lancet, JAMA and JACC. It has provided technical services to data monitoring committees of 16 large multi-site clinical trials in China for category I new drugs, including the trial on the use of remdesivir injectables for treatment of COVID-19.

Contact person: ZHANG Qi
Tel: 010-82805838-306/15210890849