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The PUCRI Department for Education and Training is a cradle for leaders of clinical research in the future.

In 2009, it created the Chinese Course on Drug Development and Regulatory Sciences (CCDRS), the first all-encompassing course in Asia which was later accredited by PharmaTrain and Hibernia College. In 2013, the department launched China’s first professional master’s, doctoral, and part-time programs of Sciences in Clinical Research as a newly established secondary discipline. In 2018, one of the courses in these programs, “Scientific Methodology in Clinical Research”, was recognized by the National Steering Committee for Academic Graduate Programs in Medicine as a core course for clinical medicine.

The department’s years of unremitting efforts has led to a prototype system for the training of clinical research professionals at the PKU, with 3 tiers (academic degree-oriented, vocational certificate-oriented, and workshop/seminar-based trainings) and 6 directions (ethical practices, project development and design, data technology and application, statistical design and analysis, project management and quality control, and regulatory sciences in clinical research).

The department has also been highly acclaimed for its role in building exchange platforms for regulatory authorities, academia, and industry. It has launched over a hundred training sessions, featuring 930 lecturers and reaching more than 10,000 trainees.

In addition, the department is in charge of the day-to-day administration of the Center of Excellence for Regulatory Sciences under the Peking University APEC Health Science Academy, and serves as the office for ethics training under the PKU Human Research Protection Program (HRPP).

Contact person: ZHANG Xiaofang
Tel: 010-82805563-506/13811049599