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As informatization advances in the medical field, real-world evidence (RWE) has become a buzzword in clinical research, receiving an increasing attention from the academia, industry, and regulatory authorities.

In this context, the PUCRI Center for Real-world Evidence Evaluation (CREATION) was established in November 2019. It is currently chaired by Dr. GAO Pei, a research fellow of epidemiology and health statistics from the PKU School of Public Health.

The missions of the CREATION include: 1) developing and applying methodological approaches for the production of RWE; 2) promoting exchanges among domestic academia; 3) conducting policy research to regulate and guide the production and application of RWE; and 4) producing talents that master the theory, methodology and technics of real-world studies.

Building on the strengths of the PUCRI in clinical research design, project management, data management, and data analysis, the CREATION will build new competitive edge for the PUCRI through high-quality research and collaborative initiatives.

Contact person: LI Huijuan
Tel: 010-82805564-612